Pay It Forward


The story about Sharyn and Jamie Jones first aired on Campbell Live in September 2014. Sharyn was the victim of a scam that cost her thousands of dollars that left her with substantial debt and nothing to show. After the show there were a number of calls from people who wanted to volunteer to help out anyway they could.

These photographs are from the pay it forward project we co-ordinated to help Sharyn out. Armed with a number of volunteers we could see this was a great opportunity to assist someone in need. We have all been through enough with the recent earthquakes and subsequent stresses afterwards.

The next stage was to contact our suppliers and customers to see if they would be willing to supply materials/services. We had a great response. Knowing there were now building supplies on offer we designed an easily transportable steel skeleton building and the project was born.

It has been a great summer working alongside some truly tremendous people. Everyone made some great suggestions as we went along and the design changed accordingly.

A few laughs were had along the way and a huge effort was put forth by everyone. It is absolutely wonderful how everyone was willing to give up their own time/goods/services as you can see from the list of companies and volunteers.
First we built the steel skeleton and timber floor at our premises with the help of some great builders and then it was transported it to site to complete the rest of the work. While the skeleton was constructed someone was preparing a base onsite for the building to sit.

Pay it Forward - Portable Build

New Zealand is truly a wonderful place to live!

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