Steel Fence Post


We offer the market a rigid steel post design that is structurally sound, long lasting, easily installed and reusable.

If you need to support or add too an existing draw wire or netting fence, this can be done with our customized “slot option” specific to your requirements.

The “Daveles post” design will complement both new and existing wire/netting fencing.

No need to unnecessarily cut or thread either type of fence application on installation.

Saving time and money for the contractor or property owner!


The Daveles Steel Fence Post

  • Galvanized protection.
  • Reduce the need to cut fencing wire/netting during repairs.
  • Smooth design reduces animal stock damage.
  • Cost effective installation.
  • Customized wire/netting options.

Manufactured locally in Canterbury!


  1. Order standard posts or the customized slot spaces as required.
  2. Introduce into the ground.
  3. Retain with wire/netting with the dropper wire supplied.

Key features:

  • Galvanized rigid construction.
  • New fence installation is simplified to save precious time.
  • Repair an existing fence without cutting wires or netting.
  • Designed to reduced animal stock damage.
  • Can be used easily with netting applications
  • Order customize slot distances.


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