Glass Trolleys

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Glass Trolleys

We can manufacture and supply standard glass trolleys to order either individually or bulk orders to suit” These trolleys incorporate quick release pockets in each corner of the base for removable castor wheels to be fitted. This allows easy movement of full or empty trolleys around your workshop and removal of the castors means they can be fully loaded with glass to be transported by truck.

Glass trolley poles

We can manufacture and supply standard glass trolley poles with rubber extrusion and tie downs fitted, to safely transport your glass either by trolley or site to site on a truck

These poles will fit most trolleys with slotted bases.

Steel track with rubber extrusion insert

We can supply folded steel track up to 3mtrs long with rubber extrusion fitted. This is ideal for replacing glass trolley rails & rubbers or fitting out trucks, trailers, Utes and vans.

Rubber extrusion

We supply our rubber extrusion in lengths of 25mtr rolls” The extrusion incorporates a “Tee’’ shape under the top surface to allow the rubber to be retained inside our folded track, so the rubber is always kept in place.

Trolley castor wheels

We can supply 150mm diameter castor wheels to fit our trolley bases, either individually or in bulk amounts. These castors are PU over aluminium castor with roller ball bearings fitted to the centre, for quite easy movement around your workshop. They are each rated at 400kg (Static weight) and 300kg (moving weight)