Roll Forming

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Roll Forming

Door track

Our door track is very rigid and strong as its roll formed from (1.6mm x 27mm wide x 55mm high) galv plated steel, so it’s ideal for either inside or out door installations. We can supply to any customer lengths, unlike other tracks that are only sold in short lengths. We can also supply nylon wheels with roller bearings fitted and able to carry 35kg loads per wheel. The more weight you want to carry the more nylon wheels you add to the track. The wheels can also be supplied with brackets. This combo is ideal for replacing garage door tracks, sliding door tracks, sliding gates, sliding rails, trailers etc.

Strut profile

This anti-sag profile (.75mm x 55mm high x 65mm wide) is very rigid and strong and is roll formed and supplied to any length required. This profile also incorporates a ‘vee shape” in each leg length to make it easier when screwing into timber, steel, aluminium & plastic, if you want to strengthen any outdoor items such as a timber fence, steel structure, sagging framing, tiny house framing, trailers, garage doors etc.