Plant Production Equipment

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Plant Production Equipment

We have the Solution

Customer focused engineering we are here to provide solutions to meet your needs. We can design and build to meet your requirements.

We can design/build new trolleys, plant handling equipment to suit and assist your staff with production.

Glass trolleys

We can manufacture and supply glass trolleys to order either individually or bulk orders to suit.

Glass trolley poles

We can manufacture and supply glass trolley poles with rubber extrusion and tie downs fitted, to safely transport your glass either by trolley or site to site on a truck.

These poles will fit most trolleys with slotted bases.

Steel track with rubber extrusion insert

We can supply folded steel track up to 3mtrs long with rubber extrusion fitted. This is ideal for replacing glass trolley rubbers or fitting out trucks, trailers, Utes and vans.

Rubber extrusion

We supply our rubber extrusion in lengths of 25mtr rolls